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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pussy Cats Gruff

Enter the world of Pussy Cats Gruff, where cats are princes and princes are cats. A place where cats are made of gingerbread or snow.

This purrfectly purrfect book showcases those adorable cats, in the starring roles of popular fairytales. Sink your claws into tales like, Little Red Riding Cat, Catnapping Beauty and the Gingerbread Cat. Also Shod Claude and Shod Clive: Before Puss 'n Boots, they came, they saw, they conned! The Cat Who Wished to Be Human: Things go wrong when Auburn's siblings dare her to bring something back from the human world. (Based on Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid.)

Fall in love with your favorite fairytale again, feline-style! The fantastical antics of these enchanted cats are sure to delight even the most finicky of cats and cat-lovers.

Author: Pheonix
Genre: Bedtime Stories/Fairy Tales
Pages: 290
Price: 17.95
Publisher: Sparky

Monday, August 28, 2006

Corinne's Books Squidoo

Hey all! This is Corinne!

I now have a Squidoo lens that features all of my books and more. This lens focuses in on the books I have written, other books available from Boulder Pier Press, and other great reads. So if you would like to know about Unchain, Touchstone Sword, Liberation, and other books I have written and how to order them, visit Corinne's Books Squidoo

Talk to y'all later,


Thursday, July 20, 2006

New From Flame Gurl Books

Our sister company Flame Gurl Books is proud to announce the lastest in The Adventures of Flame Gurl series...The Oranges Strike Back! Join Flame Gurl, Frying Pan Gurl, and The Galactic Orange Brigade as they try to stop the evil Watermelon Seeds from riding the universe of oranges. Will they be able to stop the dreaded Col. Nolem in time? Or will they have to endure the seed treatment? Find out in The Oranges Strike Back! 170 pages make up this paperback epic and it can be your's for $12.99! Click on the cover image to order your copy today. Also be sure to check out the first four books in The Adventures of Flame Gurl series: Welcome to Canadaville, A Gurl and Her Frying Pan, A Blu Jacket of a Different Colour, and It's Not Easy Being Green.